10 most Beautiful Names of God

There are more ways to express your idea about God or The Source. The Source is not male nor female. So out of all religious ideas there is a clear idea about a Super Force in the Universe, that would be bigger than ourselves, that we can turn to when we are in difficult times. I’m not talking about the manifestation of the Source (like an incarnation or a prophet), I’m talking about the actual behind the manifestation. Let’s see what the names could be and how we would describe the meaning of that name.

1. The religious names: God, Allah, Ohm, YHWH

2. The Source, Origin: This name means that there is an origin of all things, leading us towards thinking “where do we come from”, “where do we go”, “what is our original heritage”, “who are we in essence”. This name you can use to give yourself strength in difficult time where you get lost in your own ideas, or lost in the world. Your feeling might be to go back to the Source, the roots, the origin. “where did it all start”.

3. The Force: Everything that does something or nothing is guided towards action or non-action. Behind the manifestation there is a movement that leads towards a beginning and a following movement. This eternal Force of Creation is described as a neutral but clearly apparent movement or vibe in the Universe. This name you can use to give yourself more strength and power to act fearless and brave in life. It gives you more spirit to take courageous moves and be strong of heart and mind.

4. Peace, Balance, Harmony: As we know from most religions, the feeling of peace is what we strive for in general. Also the disruption of peace might be needed to create a new peace or balance. Balance is not that everything doesn’t move, it is the movement itself and the moment that everything else moves accordingly, which gives a certain balance or structure in life, even if it might look like chaos from a distance or for people who can not see the balance in it. Peace is a state of a feeling and a state of mind or non mind actually. This name you can use to invoke stillness in yourself, balance and harmony with yourself and your surroundings. To tune in into the harmony of life, and to find peace within. It can help when your thoughts are jumping around and when you are stressed or when you feel the pressure is too high.

5. Love: This is one of the favorites of most people. Even though Love can manifest in many forms, like romantic love, unconditional love, mother love, father love, family love, friend love, love for nature, love for animals, and all these facets of love are all different. It is interesting to note that with love can come attachment and can come emptiness as a devoid of love and hate as an opposite of love. There are many facets towards the meaning of love. People might even say that being in love is also a sort of love, while other people might see that as an illusion. The Love that I’m talking about that lifts your spirit is the self love, unconditional love that you feel for yourself and in extension to others. You need to love yourself before you can love other people and the way you love yourself you can love other people too. Love is seen as a feeling of Compassion, Happiness, Gentle, Warm, Genuine, Nurturing, Caring, Feeding. But also tough love is love, as in life sometimes you need to be tough to also love yourself enough, for example with an addiction, you have to love yourself enough to quit and have a healthier life style. So love is not only mellow and dreamy, it can also be disciplined, strong and passionate. This name you can use in general when you feel sad, unloved, unwanted, uncared for, neglected, depressed, scared. It is the voice that says “everything is going to be just fine!” “everything is going to be all right” “this too shall pass” “we love you”

6. The Light, Life Energy: This is actually a manifestation of the Force in some way, as it resembles something visible but not really visible actually for the normal eye. It is not the light as we see it in the sun, even though that light also has an immense life giving power. It is the Spiritual Light that people talk about when they feel it inside themselves like an energy force, or when you feel spiritually uplifted. Or even when people have a near death experience, they also talk about seeing the Light. This manifestation can be a combination of the Force and Love at the same time, as it feels warm, light, energized, upbeat, happy, lucky, healthy, energetic, fun, hopeful, healing and enjoying. You can use this name to focus on hope, light at the end of a dark period, chaos, difficult times, better times to come, to make new intentions or start a hopeful idea or project.

7. The One: This is a name that resembles unity, we are all one, we are all equal, we are part of a whole, we are connected, we are all alike, nobody is better than anyone, in all diversity everything is one, behind all diversity everything is one. It is used to state that people are all equal with their people qualities, but even that nature as a whole is one, so that plants and animals are also part of The One. It means we strive for harmony together, working together as a team, treating other people like how you want to be treated, don’t harm other people by intention, see the good in others like you see the good in yourself, everything is reflecting and reflection. It also emphasizes on the meaning that there is not multiple sources and forces, but just One behind everything. It gives you focus and doesn’t let you distract from your all and everyday ideas and imagination. This name you can use to emphasize on team effort, we as a humanity should strive for the best for each other and ourselves together as a wholeness. You can also use this name if you want to focus on a single aspect, get focus in your life and surroundings instead of goofing around. It can also be used to create a special bond between you and Your Deity, because it gives you a one on one connection. For men it is normally a male idea and for women it can be a female idea, like female survival, fertility or creativity. This doesn’t have to be however, it can still be the One without a gender connected to it, depending how you feel about it. It can also be used if you don’t feel special enough in your own life, and you want to feel a bit more special for yourself, to create a special connection.

8. Mercy, Forgiver: This beautiful name is quite needed for a lot of people, because sometimes in our society we feel guilt, we feel sad, we feel anger towards ourselves or others, we feel hurt, we feel punished, we feel that things happen to us that we don’t seem to deserve. It is actually our consciousness that tries to make us feel guilty or sad. In some way because of the heavy guilt we feel in life we need some closure and repentance to clean ship and release our sorrows. In Christianity especially there is a huge emphasize on feeling guilty because people are thought to be born in sin. Note however that this is not the main idea for all religions, and so people from different religions might be differently wired around the idea of forgiveness and mercy. Especially if you feel that injustice has been done to you, you might feel that you have to stick up for yourself. This is a healthy and logical mechanism. However, to forgive and be forgiven are also two sides of the same coin in some way, because some day we might have to also forgive ourselves for making mistakes in the past, we learn from it and we don’t repeat the same patterns maybe, but we also have to come clean with ourselves. This name can be used to release yourself from passed guilt, sorrows, sadness, believing in second chances, giving yourself and others another chance, taking the responsibility and showing that you can not carry the burden alone, in need of justice for yourself and others, while at the same time a need of closure, fairness and getting another chance in life.

9. Protector: This is a difficult name for a lot of people, because people in general don’t feel always safe, depending on how they grew up. There is a lot of turmoil going on in the world. It is said that this name is also one of the beautiful names, so people who are in need of some sort of protection are supposed to believe that protection also exists. In the grander things of scale you would say spiritual protection, in the more mundane sense you would say protection of your life and hereafter. Protection is a needed thing in life, but it might stay hooked on the idea that from an action comes a reaction. So if you do something bad then a punishment might follow, and then you are not protected, because you did something not so good. However, if the previous name of Mercy would be in place, we would have protection in all sense, against ourselves and others. Sometimes however punishment is needed to protect yourself and others against a dysfunctional action. It doesn’t mean the punishment is cruel or out of cruelty, it is more a form of regulation that protects society against chaos. This name you can use if you feel unsafe with yourself or your surroundings. It goes also really well with the Force, as you need bravery and courage to tackle your fears.

10. Existence, Creator, Universe, All Knowing: This is a much used type of name in science or popular holistic science now these days. It means something we know that is there, we see it is there, but we can not define what it actually is. It is all and nothingness at the same time. It is the here and now, the past, the future, and all dimension within it. Some people also call it Nature, if they have a holistic view about life. This name doesn’t especially give a meaning or feeling towards a person, it just states a fact that something is out there besides us and it is bigger than us. This is especially useful to understand if you think you are all that, if you’re tripping with grandiose ideas and if you need to calm down a bit. This name you can use to understand how small we actually are, but in combination with the One, you can reflect that we are as small and as big at the same time. It is just how you look at it. It does help to earth yourself and look at the sky and say like, omG, we are here and there is so much to see around us.

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