Goddess Kaali Principle

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Kaali is a frequently misunderstood feminine force and energy that is unjust interpreted as negative, mean and ill tempered. The Kaali is actually White in the Black kind of Goddess, with a purifying element inside, and not so much a Black in the Black malefic or evil tempered principle. Because of this principle people misunderstand the Indian Woman and Indian Female Culture. People think it has to do with malefic practices, black magic and all kinds of mysterious forces. The Mystery is true, but the principle "do as you wish but harm none" also counts in the Indian Culture. Especially if you look at religion where Man and Woman used to be each other Eternal Companion, it is not in its place nor right to think malefic about each other. It is still a time and feeling of Trust, Hope, Mutual Communication and Mutual Respect.

Because the Kaali principle is not that Common at all in western society, people see the Kaali as a resemblance of Lilith, which is not totally the truth, as Lilith is more a Malefic Energy in a sense of revenge, meanness, jealousy and vengefulness. Where Kaali is Purifying Transforming, the Lilith is more a Cold Deadly Energy. There is a difference in frequency when you look at both patterns in a woman. Every woman can have both "Black Principles" in her, yet can control her Lilith Temper and focus on her Kaali Strength.

To understand Kaali better, I wrote a 10 pages journal on how Kaali can be interpreted and also understood in your own and each others life, even if you live in a western society. It is actually a strengthening, transforming and purifying quality, and not so much a merely destructive and malefic force.

If you are interested in The Principle of Kaali, feel free to contact me and I will guide you through it.

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